Stephen-H-GarrityStephen H Garrity’s passion has always been story telling. Having studied film production at Montreal’s Concordia University, the approach Steve takes to his writing is that every story must make a good film as well as a novel. In essence, every story he writes is adapted from a mental screenplay. A diverse writer, Steve’s stories range from roman¬tic thrillers, action adventures to science fiction.

During the 1980’s, Steve explored his craft with short stories covering a wide range of genres, all the while developing a time travel epic, starting off as a short story and culminating in 1986 with a 330,000-word behemoth. In addition to his career in freight logistics, Steve assisted his wife Colette with her video production company while becoming actively involved with Quebec politics during the height of the 1995 Quebec sovereignty referendum. Retiring from politics and turning back to writing after nearly a decade-long hiatus, Steve dusted off his time travel epic, and despite the efforts of an editor and agent, the downsized 197,000 word epic The Wizard Blew is Horn could not find a publisher.

In 2004, Steve, his wife Colette and their children, Carina and Matt, moved from Montreal to Kelowna, BC for a lifestyle change. Steve’s romantic thriller, Sweet Obsession, won the 2007 Grand Prize of the Mount Arrowsmith Novel Writing Contest, beating over a hundred contestants; many of them published authors from North America, England and Australia.

Steve’s true literary love still remained The Wizard Blew His Horn. Having exhausted publication efforts in its current format, Steve knew that to move forward the story would require an extensive makeover, and re-imagined it as The Grandfather Paradox. Spanning five novels, Steve bolstered the story with a lot more plot twists, dynamics and action. Three are complete and the fourth is currently being written, with the first two set for release in 2016, Three & Four in 2017, and Five in 2018. He will release Sweet Obsession in early 2017. Steve has over 20 detailed synopses for future projects to keep him busy for years to come.

Steve currently resides in Edmonton, Alberta, as a transportation manager for a workforce accommodation company, with his wife of 36 years, Colette.

sh_garrity_2012june2002006In 1986, Steve proudly shows off his 330,000 word The Wizard Blew His Horn, which would ultimately evolve to The Grandfather Paradox.

Steve, an avid space, history, and military history enthusiast, respectfully applies factual scientific and historical truths as an integral foundation to his story telling. Even the phases of the moon are accurate for the date he describes.