Discovering a natural occurring phenomena permitting time travel, Professor Fleming’s team is studying an event off the coast of Oregon when the unthinkable happens. A US Military helicopter attempting to pass through to the ages explodes and crashes. Tom Trasler’s yacht unknowingly enters the zone to rescue six survivors. Colonel Rood, hell-bent on saving the mission, commandeers the boat while Fleming can only watch as the temporal maelstrom hurls the yacht into the year 1848.

Rescued by a Swedish merchantman packed with emigrants for America, Tom is coerced to participate in atrocities against the passengers or face permanent exile in this time period. With growing affections for the passengers, and grave concerns over the soldiers’ clandestine mission, Tom must decide to either obey the military or follow his conscience and forfeit any chance of ever getting home.



From the first time Steve saw the 1960 film version of HG Wells' The Time Machine, he wanted to write a time travel story. Determined to avoid the typical clichés of travelling to the past, Steve applied the latest theories on temporal mechanics, dispensing the time machine and the mad scientist for naturally occurring temporal singularities.

The military, and unknown to them—Professor Fleming and his young students—have discovered how to detect these events, can predict their power and determine when and where the traveller will exit. There is no control over these wormholes, no choice over the location or timing, and temporal movement, either forward or backward, is rarely convenient.

Extensively researched, Steve consulted numerous dairies of those who actually lived through his own characters’ experiences, bringing a more intimate perspective to the adventures not possible through conventional research.

Bolstered with elements of espionage, science and historical fiction, Stephen H Garrity has woven multiple popular genres into a single cohesive story, which will engage fans of science fiction, historical fiction and romance, while staying appropriate for almost all age levels.

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